Our Projects

“Why are so many of our congregation’s kids struggling in school?”

Uniting a partnership with local community and religious leaders in East Orange, New Jersey, Remedy Foundation helped unlock the community hurdles, partnering with local experts for a series of screenings and evaluations, as well as a genetic testing research partner, to offer meaningful diagnoses for the youth and new strategic approaches for the classroom that inspired students to use their superpowers and continue their education

“Why are foster youth experiencing so many homes?”

With as many as 80% of youth entering foster care experiencing at least one significant mental health need, research on adverse childhood experiences and trauma demonstrating life-long impacts, and the American Academy of Pediatrics documenting countless articles about the missed or missing diagnoses across youth in foster care, Remedy Foundation collaborated with case workers, educators, parents-by-adoption, and youth to accelerate a youth-focused needs analysis for every child to experience a successful path to adoption and a forever family.